Interlecta Mobile products

Interlecta is specialized in real-time machine translation for mobile devices. Within just several steps you can translate text, short message or e-mails directly from your handset. Interlecta's innovative technology incorporates modular concepts and allows effortless integration applicable to various domains. Interlecta's scalable suite of more than 30 languages provides enhanced real-time multilingual communication and collaboration between friends, partners and clients across the Internet landscape and throughout the world.

Interlecta Desktop products

Interlecta assists the world's leading communication service providers to develop and deploy advanced, revenue-generating online text messaging translation services. Interlecta’s multilingual solutions will help your web service or messaging product reach a global market, enabling cross-language border collaboration, globalization of content in real-time and international m-commerce. Interlecta’s products can be integrated with a variety of business and social applications.